Uniware Convergence Suite 2018 ™

Uniware Convergence Suite 2018 is a multifaceted business, branding and marketing strategy. It's formulated at Uniware solutions from the vast experience of analysts and marketers across the world for highly competitive markets in 2018.

We reduce effort, time and cost by being consistent. All your marketing efforts will be converged to a single aim at a time by which the customer hears the same message from different media; remembers it.

Convergence – the strategy
Your customers, the ultimate decision makers on your products or services, are influenced by information from multiple sources; mainly through two platforms – the non- interactive mass media and the interactive social and mobile media.
To succeed in creating a brand and establishing as a profitable enterprise, a flawless product or service, delivery of promises and customer service, the must haves, alone will not help; it requires the creation of the right brand image from multiple points of references, repeatedly.
Convergence – the package

When you choose to voice your product or service from multiple point of references, we provide you with the knowledge, expertise and exact deliverance of promises.

Point of reference Converging knowledge field
Your product or service
Your website
Website design & Development
The web presence
Search engine optimization & paid advertising campaigns
Mobile website & Apps
Mobile application development
Social media interaction
Social media optimization
Video production
Customer service
Software application for better services

As an enterprise, when you manage your business with passion, with Uniware convergence suite 2018, you can ensure that your brand is heard through multiple media repeatedly.

Through Uniware Convergence Suite 2018, all your digital and non digital marketing activities will have a common theme, a common message repeated from multiple points of references, leaving least chances to marketing and updating errors.

Once you make a change in your product, price, service, updates, version, messages, merges or launch a new product, its simultaneously updated in all your digital faces and marketing activities.

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